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captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ >> hello, everyone. 5:00 on the east coast. this is $5 footlong. our first show. east day the five of us will debate and reconstruct the hottest stories of the day and some stories no one else ask talking about. tomorrow's congressional vote banning the sale of traditional lightbulbs. what can you expect every day at this hour? i wish i could tell you. i don't know either. expect the unexpected. the panel will offer a fresh take on the issues. with five strong opinions, things could get dicey. i'm eric bolling. to my right is andrea tantaros. mr. bob becket. to my left, dana perino and greg gutfeld. let's get to it. the five stars right now. ♪ ♪ -- $5 footlong start "the five. >> first, the issue everyone is talking about, president obama vowing to get a debt deal done, warning they will
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meet every day until an agreement is made. >> my hope is as a consequence of negotiations that take place today, tomorrow, the next day. i will not sign a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day extension. that is not acceptable approach. >> the president saying the deal won't be small short-term fixes. instead he wants long-term solutions there is a wide ideological divide between republicans and democrats on how to cut the deficits. mr. obama suggested that lawmakers need to "take on their sacred cows, pull off the band aids and eat our peas." now if he just said cut out-of-control spending of taxpayer money he might get the deal done. that said, we know where the president's priorities are. take a listen. >> i'd rather be talking about stuff that, you know, everybody welcomes like new
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programs or, you know, the n.f.l. season getting resolved. or, you know, unfortunately, this is what is on our plate. >> it certainly is. meanwhile, the top congressional leaders spent the arve behind closed doors trying to hammer out a plan to stop run-away deficit to put america credit worthiness at risk. but just under two hours the meeting broke and they'll try again tomorrow. dana, were you surprised that obama took to the podium today in advance of the meetings? >> i wouldn't advise it. i'm not entirely surprised trying to define what defeat or victory is but like on-camera autopsy. if you have a negotiation happeninhappening in three hourd you go public with the negotiating position, in a way it's solely -- it's kind of bad manners but i see what he is trying to do. one thing everybody wants to do is talk about new programs.
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that's not what they're talking about. >> nobody does. i have don't want to talk about any program. i love how he wants to talk about the n.f.l. he didn't want to talk about it before. boehner is winning, but it's like high noon. but instead of guns it's self-tanning browser. he has no point but to go to the media. >> what is wrong with bronzer. you're at fox news. >> i'm as orange as they come. beaten by shep only. >> we can't even afford frozen peas if we keep spending the way we're spending. the best thing for president obama is follow boehner's lead and help him attract independents. i have don't want him to win but the best thing for him. let him leave. he will demagogue him in the end. no one wants to be doing programs. >> who is sit nicely? >> let me just say, i've been sitting here biting my tongue. to the point where it's bleeding now. if i could say a couple of things without being interrupted, mr. bolling, if that is possible. the president of the united
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states offered $4 trillion proposal that would have gone a long way to take care of our debt. he included things that are sackry sanct to democrats. cutting in social security and medicare and medicaid. republicans refuse to put anything on the table including the tax break, or tax increase for millionaires and billionaires and welfare for oil company and ceos for jets. i have told you not to interrupt me. now i think boehner is a good man. he tried very hard but he went back to his house and that tea party crowd who by the way call themselves patriots. i have call them anarchists, because -- they say they are for the constitution. the 14th amendment of the constitution says protect our national debt. these people. >> but the appetite. >> excuse me. i didn't finish my point. >> this is not called "the one." it's called $ "the five." it's common place for me to interrupt you. >> can i get back on track? >> what do you mean back on
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track? i can't say something? >> a couple of things that are important. first of all, last year, nancy pelosi when she was speaker of the house could not pass tax hikes in her own house. so it's not surprising that boehner in charge of the republicans couldn't do it either. that is one thing. secondly, the democrats have come out today through the senatorial committee and said we're not going to have president obama take away our most important political issue. medicare and. >> he can't bring his own democrats to the table. i think one of the reasons ethe talks are breaking down. >> i can't let you get away with the the tea party thing. if the left had something as strong as formidable as the tea party, you would be giving it wet sloppy kisses. you know that. >> [ overtalk ] >> any question that this is not the time to raise taxes? 9.2% unemployment. 14 million -- he did say it.
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>> tell you what it's not. >> you can't raise taxes with the economy in recession. by the way, we're in recession, like it or not. >> wait a second. excuse me. >> do you really think that it is going to really hurt the millionaires and billionaires? >> it's job creators. they are the job cre quitors. >> they're like wall street. they're creating jobs for christie's auction house, sure they are. for big, strong. >> i want to see numbers. you said millionaires and billionaires what he means are people making over $250,000. >> we already got the tax increases in obamacare. he has already passed taxes. now he wants taxes. >> name one tax increase? >> obamacare, conveniently not until 2014. >> not true. >> i give you credit. boehner is in a difficult spot because of the members of his con france that says he won't vote for anything, any kind of deal because we won't vote to raise the debt ceiling. he has to work with them. >> not all of you do not think it's a little difficult for boehner when people say nothing, absolutely nothing?
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grover norquist from k-street, he ought to be sent to gitmo as a terrorist for being a national. >> now you finally like gitmo. >> i like it for grover. that's for sure. >> can i make one other point? keep in mind the debt ceiling increase is not for the new spending but to pay for money appropriated by democrats and republicans alike. >> wait, wait, wait. what are you talking about? >> time-out. what are you talking about? >> thank you very much. >> hold on. under bush, the average outlay was $2.4 trillion. under obama, it's. >> what i'm saying of the $14 trillion we have as a deficit, the $2.4 trillion increase in debt ceiling has to go to pay for bonds. many of which were issued under ronald reagan. >> it doesn't have to. you could cut spending, you could do that? >> cut spending? you've got to cut enough spending to take care of all the obligations?
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>> absolutely. by the way, we're growing at 1.8% g.d.p. annually. if you cut spending, cut taxes, you get the g.d.p. going again and then you don't run the deficit, you run the surplus. >> if you do that, take the discretionary spending in the budget and cut it out together. every program, every air traffic controller, everything else. >> deal. >> you fly after that. i tell you that. >> anyone who thinks he will take the money and actually use it to pay down the deficit needs their head examined. >> not just the president, though. congress as well. it's been building up over the years and it was actually during president bush's administration that senator obama then running for president said dereliction of duty to raise debt limit. he is in a little bind. a little humility. >> the problem with being president you love raising the debt ceiling. like a wife and the credit cards. america has to be the husband to take the credit card and break it up. i put on 40 pounds in four years because i kept raising my weight ceiling. it has to stop. >> you think you have a
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problem, when i was married, my debt ceiling couldn't be matched. that was the problem. don't ever give anybody one of those black card credit cards. i'm telling you. it cost me a fortune. >> you're not for big spending then? >> now my ex-wife, then you. >> in your life you're against spending you can't afford. why is it okay for president obama? it's like your wife running around with the credit card. >> i want to give dana credit for pointing out that this is a problem that accumulated over a lot of years. >> absolutely. >> something that mr. bolling refuses to understand. ethinks it all happened under mr. obama. >> i don't. every year, every debt ceiling. by the way, when senator obama decided it was a bad idea to raise the debt ceiling, $# trillion. ceiling, $8 trillion. >> he didn't have to worry. because under president bush, enough republicans to do it. >> but now obama said he made a mistake doing it. playing politics.
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playing politics when he did it. i understand it. >> he had a little humility. >> but he knew it would pass. that is the difference. >> c'mon! change your mind on it. that's it. we have to leave it there. coming up, are you sitting down? you might want to grab a seat. news week out today with a cover story on sarah palin. get this, it's not a hit piece. is the former v.p. candidate becoming the new mainstream media darling? if you want to weigh in on that or other stories getting you riled up, e-mail us at we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "the five." the big story on the
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newsstands today is a declaration from former vice presidential candidate sarah palin coming soon? she didn't make an announcement in this article on whether or not she will run in 2012, but she did tell "newsweek" if she does room, "i do believe that i can win." a lot of confidence there. is this just a tease? or will she actually throw her hat in the ring? data, what do you -- dana, what do you think? can she win? >> three years ago if you told me a community organizer who was a senator for two years and auz an african-american would win the presidency, we would have all said you're out of your mind. it will never happen. but great thing about america anybody can run and win. if you look at somebody to compare for a moment, congresswoman michele bachmann. not dissimilar necessarily in views in terms of the support of the tea party. no one would have thought she would have been able to win. now it looks like she probably is going to win iowa and maybe other states. it is possible. i think what this article shows is that the mainstream media can't live with sarah
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palin and can't live without her. >> eric, the longer she waits? >> total package. tea party favorite, bob. right on taxes. she knows oil. she knows energy. one of the biggest bumps in the road, mr. obama, no fence is your $3, $4 or $5-gallon of gasoline. she is the one to sol tv problem. >> you are all about money. follow the money. she needs to follow the money in her campaign. >> why? what is the rush? she has a year a change. she is playing this brilliantly. >> that's why you were in business and the rest of us were in campaigns and did something. when she said, "i can win," let me just say, instead of being the one, i'll be quick and say sarah with unfavorability rating of 58%, no you can't. >> hillary had unfavorability rating as well. >> no, no, no. >> she was able to reform -- yes, in her years in the white house she had above 50%. >> was that a committee vote?
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>> i know you think that palin is hot. can you win? >> i'm turned on her intellectually, by her brain. >> you are a liar. >> i am a liar. the negatives are on the left. i have never seen somebody, people so obsessed by her on the left. i haven't seen it probably since reagan. that is interesting to me. that means there is something -- if you can make bob becket hate you, you're probably good. >> i don't hate her. >> i know. >> i am stereotyping you. the other thing with the article that i liked is you came away with a contrast between the live and the unlived experience. it's the obama versus palin. she is the lived experience. she didn't go to harvard, but, you know, she goes out and. >> taking a lot of flak for the cover. she was dressed down. of course, the mainstream media jumped on her. tie it with bring up a quote from jonathan kaypart from the "washington post," he says after going after her clothing "palin's declaration , 'i can
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win' is laughable on the fise when you know her unfavorable rating is resting at 58%. why they think the movie, short-lived bus tour and the "newsweek" nuttiness is a precursor to presidential run is mystifying." >> that quote is mystifying. the other thing that is interesting, what she talks about th the mainstream media. you can't get more traditional than "newsweek." she tries to have it both ways. she wants the traditional media when it's favorable, and it is. but it works in her favor if it's unfavorable. she wins either way. >> the fact that michele bachmann is getting attention. >> she did in the article. she did take a shot at the candidate saying that the field had not yet settled in. he made it sound like dig. but he used traditional media. she is a master at social media. she posted on facebook.
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hard-working taxpayers have been big government sugar daddy for far too long and now we're out of sugar." bob, you have been a sugar daddy before. >> i beg your pardon. i should suggest her to use to different phrase. sugar daddy tends to mean an older man, supporting younger women, oftentimes prostitutes. i reject the notion i was categorized that way. >> but you don't disagree with it. >> there is a place for everything in life. but one should not use the term "sugar daddy" in the presidential reading. she a master of getting press. i give her. that i'll give her this. at first, she is a nice person but the idea she can put together a campaign now with michele bachmann running as strong as she is, not going to happen. she is not running. she gets press in spite of what she does in the article, it points out a big opening, the premier of the undefeated. and she had nothing to do with the film.
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the filmmakers are there waiting for her to come to town. they expect a big entourage to happen. she rolls in with an hour left before the premier with her husband in a rented chevy malibu and took time to e-mail her daughter before going in. she's not about. >> she also took that bus up route 95 looking like o.j. simpson in the chase from the cops. >> she drives the media crazy which is fantastic. i think she will drive john boehner crazy in the "newsweek" article she said no way, no how raising the debt ceiling. >> firing up. >> but bob, wait a second. >> there is no one who believes you don't to raise the debt except for sarah palin. >> i have to say the real question here. >> michele bachmann, sarah palin. that is all i have to say. >> the real question that no one is talking about is why are republicans better looking than democrats? >> a great question. >> we work longer hours. we're people, we work with our hands. we don't have the option of
5:20 pm
going to salon and things like that. >> or getting botox. >> millionaires and billionaires. >> we're working people. >> does she get in? go around? greg? >> i don't think so. this is just for fun. >> just for fun? >> 50/50. don't know. >> gets in and wins. >> gets in and wins. >> bob? >> no chance she is going to get in. i wish she would come in. i'd like to see a ticket of michele bachmann and sarah palin together, either/or and i'll be the first to contribute money to the ticket. >> sounds good to me do you like these women more than you like me or do they aggravate you as much? >> let me put hit the way -- never mind. i was married once already. that's enough. i'll leave it at that. >> coming up, why does media matters have tax exempt status if the reason for being is to destroy fox news? should perp walks be banned? the politics of the perp walk next o on "the five." [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go.
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liberal media watchdog group media matters supported by billionaire george soros is having the tables turned on them. media matters founder brock a former conservative declared war on fox news and urged advertisers to drop support of this network. so in a recent "washington times" op-ed, they suggested that media matters which enjoys tax-exempt status violated the status with the attacks on fox and the tax-exempt status should be revoked. media matters is not alone. u.s. chamber of commerce and the national rifle association enjoy tax-exempt status and both crossed the line in campaigns of congressional candidates no republicans ever asked about their tax-exempt status. so are the organizations with policy sticking to politics or
5:25 pm
are they knee -- sticking to policy or they knee-deep in politics? >> media matters did make the declaration. other organizations fudge around the edges. if you look at the chamber, only part of is it a 501c3, they supported the infrastructure spending and stimulus spending so they like both sides. media matters isn't that way. they have a one-track mind. the other thing i don't understand from george soros' standpoint, why apply for tax-exempt status at all? you don't need the money. >> you make money or your tax returns, right? that is part of it. i'll defend media matters, the original idea was to keep the conservative media in check, be honest, has cross over the line, i agree with that. i think the national rifle association of all of them, that crowd. those have been. >> bob. >> they have broken the law. >> you know who the real victim in all of this is, not media matters or fox news but the parents of people who work
5:26 pm
at media matters when asked what their sons and daughters are doing for a living, they have to tell them in a quiet voice they sit at home in their underwear and watch fox news and blog. there is nothing more embarrassing than that. >> the kids that work at the national rifle association. >> they have guns all day long. working for the nra is cool. media matters is. >> if the n.r.a. is there to protect gun owners' rights. media matters -- look, listen to what they said. david brock said it's war on warfare. it's to take down their interest. it's angry. >> is it subject to media black-out here? bob, they have covered the republican issues, they covered karl rove and citizens united. you don't see on any mainstream channel abc, nbc or otherwise talking about this. there has been a full-on media
5:27 pm
gone dark underground. i have call upon the head of the i.r.s. he should revoke their tax-exempt status for using taxpayers dollars to subsidize this. >> you are calling for that. if you throw the national rifle association in while you are at it. i was agreeing with you. >> but you. >> no, wait a second. i do equate them -- you have never done campaigns out there. watch the n.r.a. use the tactics to defeat the republicans. that's what they do. they are out there trying to defeat democrats all the time. >> they are trying to protect gun owners rights. >> c'mon! >> what right is or our media matters trying to protect? the original concept they were trying to protect people attacked by the conservative media, particularly talk radio. i think there was -- not think there were legitimate reasons for that. to thought the national rifle association is trying to protect the gun people's
5:28 pm
rights they're trying to protect rights of everyone. >> there is the key distance. that is the stated mission of the n.r.a. >> but they are lying when they say that. >> baloney. >> can we bring it back to the topic here, media matters. >> no, it's not. the segment is. >> i'm wrestling it away from you. here is a. >> westal. go ahead. >> i get an e-mail every day from media matters. it reads like from an ex-girlfriend. litany of how much they hate us in the background you think they just want acceptance. >> they are bottom feeder rejects who never get a date. >> exactly. >> i hate to even elevate them by even bringing it up on the show. >> i am really glad i brought this topic up? i don't have the nastiness toward media matters. i want to bring inclusive other people like the national rifle association. that wants everyone to have a
5:29 pm
machine gun and bazooka. >> let me ask unother point that -- add another point that something is that is not happening before the 2012 eselection wholesale tax reform. all of these things need to be on the table and look at every organization. applying for the tax exempt status. media matters has a stated mission to destroy one single company and in a pathetic way. one things they hoped is we would not respond. >> we could have comprehensive tax reform if the president didn't cut and run from negotiation with president obama. >> the reason media matters is around is they want to take the ball and go home. they have 30, to 40 years of uninterrupted liberal bias. fox news on playingfield and now they focus on fox news because we're the only people not doing what everybody else does. they have to focus on that. >> one problem, i tell you about david brock. he used to be a conservative. he made his. >> attacking the american
5:30 pm
spectator. >> you work with him? >> i met him once. >> i'm being honest. >> the point is he used to be a conservative. he took out hillary clinton. he changed. one thing about the liberals, those of us that are liberals at middle age, there aren't many of us, i can tell you that. we will be the only -- i'll be the only exhibit at the smithsonian next to the dodo bird. middle age liberal. >> you'll date the dodo bird. >> i tried that already. that was my last date. what are you talking about? do you have a point here? >> that is none of your business. >> the conservatives will take the liberals coming over. liberals are suspect about conservatives coming over. >> you have to try harder? >> you have to try harder. you know, we just don't, we
5:31 pm
have a little bit difficult time. >> you know what? look at adrianna huffington. she was a hardcore right-winger and she literally reinvigorated the progressive movement. purely calculated. >> they don't trust her either, because they think she a capitalist. >> they don't have to trust her. she has to trust her bank account. >> going back to the previous segment, would you call george soros, media matters a sugar daddy? does it fit the definition? >> i would not. >> that's exactly what he is. >> i knew she didn't mean it in pejorative way. i'll give her a pass. coming up on "the five" is congress currently seeing the light or are they just wasting your money on a new bill on lightbulbs of all things? we'll debate it. does the perp walk automatically show a suspect as guilty? that's next on, you got it, "the five."
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is the debt debate. tonight on "special report" we'll drill down on the president obama news conference. he told republicans there would be no agreement if they don't back down on their opposition to new taxes. he said he would sign a short-term agreement to raise the debt ceiling for 30, 60 or 90 days and says he wants a big deal. john boehner says he wants a big deal, too, but any increases cannot pass the house. he said raises taxes has never been on his negotiating table. we are getting new info about the debt meeting. mike emanuel at the white house will give us behind the scenes. brit hume analysis and power struggle in iran. the u.s. embassy in syria is bombarded as well. "special report" starts at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪
5:36 pm
♪ >> welcome back to "the five." in 2007, congress passed a bill that included a mandate to require more energy efficient lightbulbs. traditional lightbulb would be replaced by the compact fluorescent or l.e.d.s. it was to create jobs, improve environment and save people money. but the result, total failure on all fronts. the new bulbs are dangerous if broken. the two u.s. factories that manufacturer bulbs closed and now the bulbs are made in -- wait for it -- china. consumers rejected the new bulbs and with all that government is doing to control our lives no one expected the lightbulb ban to be the thing to put citizens over the edge. but that is what has happened. right now they will start debate on the house to vote on a bill to turn back the clock and let consumers and the market decide what kind of light bulbs to buy. in full transparency december of 2007 i was white house
5:37 pm
press secretary for president george w. bush that he signed the bill as part of a larger energy package. at the time i thought i hate this bill for some reason. i just bothered me so much. the government is telling me what i can and can't buy when it comes to lightbulbs and i have been stockpiling them ever sense. >> way to throw bush under the bus. >> it was part of larger energy package. it was all about. >> look. one of those things that a lot of different things in the bill. on this one, i remember speaker pelosi put this in. one thing is it would create jobs. that is not what part. >> eric, when r you electing yourself? >> look at the difference. >> this is like an old car and it takes a while to warm up. >> this is $500. this is 60 cents. >> is anybody troubled by the shape of the new bulb? >> no, no, no.
5:38 pm
>> kinky. >> that remines me of guy that had a hooka that looked like that. >> it wasn't a hooka. >> not a hooker, a hooka. first, i congratulate george bush for signing the bill. >> this was manufacturered in cleveland ohio. this is in china. >> if you break it, we have to evacuate the room and call in the hazmat. >> is house floor the baiting this issue now -- debating this issue now? this is them now. >> this is bigger than lightbulbs. it's bigger than lightbulbs. >> the straw that broke the camel's back. >> absolutely. >> the government is butting in. telling people what they can and can't do. >> after all the years, thomas eddieson had it right. now congress know better. >> only the five could time in a way to get live coverage of the bulb debate in the middle of the. >> i have to say.
5:39 pm
that is the most invigorating debate ever. >> we should go to special report like casey anthony or whatever her name is. let me read to you what secretary chu, the energy secretary said about this. he said, "we are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money." as if i can't waste my own money on my own. >> this is a guy that suggest $8 or $9-gallon of gasoline would be good to get people off of fossil fuel. >> can i borrow your light? >> here is my position on this. you shouldn't get, the government should not dictate these things but for those of white house are going use those, of which i'm one of them, eric who will keep this, this thing uses four times more energy than that. >> who pays for it? i pay for it. >> yours is four times higher. >> buy that because it's four or five times. >> not only is it common sense.
5:40 pm
>> here is the problem. if it breaks, you have to move out. >> it's like inviting a dug-addicted stripper to live with you. >> eric, you ought to bite this. >> forget the 60 cents or $3.40, the bulb, when they phase it out -- by the way, it's illegal if california now. when they phase it out for these, they sent 20,000 jobs to china. guess whose company is doing that? >> general electric. >> all right. i knew something would get this back. back to obama. >> well done. >> steven chu quote sums it up. the bottom line is the liberals don't trust the american people to make decisions. they don't trust us. >> in the marketplace. >> they don't trust the marketplace to make a decision in the long run. >> say it one more time. >> let me say this so bob can
5:41 pm
understand it. your government is not your mom and dad. it's your mistress. you have call her, she never calls you and she never comes to your house. that is the problem. >> i could prove that is wrong. >> but there is another problem with the lightbulbs in that elderly people complain they can't read by it. i'm saying in term of the consumers, enough is enough. i want my grandma to be able the buy lightbulbs that she wants because these aren't working yet. i'm not saying they don't have merit and maybe it will eventually be the solution, but right now the house is right to try to bring this back. i don't think it will pass the senate. >> this sets a dangerous precedent. they start with marshmallows and unicorns. >> i love marshmallows and unicorns. >> president bush, how does it feel to have the tires over your back by the former press secretary? >> that's not fair. he didn't like the provision either. >> murdock called george bush
5:42 pm
in the column about this and he said he was a brooks brothers socialist. >> that is not fair either. >> he never wore brooks brothers. >> if you blame bush for banning lightbulb that is like saying all of obama's $4 trillion in stimulus spending is bush's fault because he starte started with $160 billion stimulus at the end of his term. >> do you have a picture of obama on your bed at night that you throw darts at? does it make your live. >> better on the wall than on the pillow. >> this is a serious psychotic problem you've got. you have to look into it. >> if more you like obama. >> i do like obama. you are way over the edge on this, brother. i tell you what, you ain't coming to the white house christmas party. >> let me go back and defend my former boss. this is important. all presidents do this. when you finally get to a lame
5:43 pm
duck session -- remember obama signed extension of bush cuts and he said he didn't want to do it but did and now he doesn't and said it was the best thing. you get a large bill and sometimes provisions are in it. that is the price you pay to get the other bigger stuff you want. >> a lot of conservatives -- i have to bring it up to be fair and balanced. a lot of conservatives are upset with president bush because of medicare part "b." and the prescription bill. >> all of those things can be argued -- i don't know why we got to that. after choosing your lightbulbs for you but there are things that have happened over the years. we talked about it in the first segment. debt creeling is not something that all of a sudden president obama invented. this has been building for decades but time to pay the piper and president obama is the piper. >> i'll give george bush credit for some of these things. if you talk about it, medicare prescription drugs is/ca works well. >> sugar daddy like. >> that is on your mind. are you looking for a sugar
5:44 pm
daddy? >> no thank you. >> i can pay my own bills. >> medicare promise cost less money than they thought it was going to. >> crazy bulbs are filled with mercury. tons of mercury. this is a conspiracy to kill americans. >> environmentalists want to kill americans because human beings are after the planet. that is my theory. >> on a serious note which is difficult to do with you necessarily but we sit here and complain about the dependence on the middle east oil, this will save energy. >> you know that if everybody in america turned off one of those things do you know how much energy you'd save? >> ther -- $1.50. >> you'd have migraine every day. >> we have to leave it there. coming up next on "the five," innocent until proven guilty? that's what the law states. but are perp walks making people look guilty until
5:45 pm
proven innocent? we talk about that next. we want the hear what you have to say. e-mail us at stay with us. "the five" continues right away. w
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5:47 pm
5:48 pm
hi. so when former head of the i.m.f. dominique strauss-kahn got busted for sexual assault, many of the french were upset about the humiliating perp walk. at the time, new york mayor michael bloomberg seen here defended it saying if you don't like the perp walk, don't do the crime. of course now that the d.s.k. case is flimsier than trump's hair, bloomberg is calling the perp walk a circus. which is not surprising. remember when bloomy speculated that the times square bomber was protesting the new healthcare law?
5:49 pm
it never fails. find the silliest most mundane assessment of life and bloomy will be there spouting it. i have don't like perp walks. i feel sorry for the perp. they always appear disheveled and groggy like kathy griffin on a good day. i hate being woken up. if you make a law, ban perp walks before 10:00 a.m.. it's only right. i can't see how you can ban them altogether. unless we build secret tunnels how else can the police move a suspect? since cameras aren't allowed in courtrooms that's the only shot photographers have. i say keep the perp walk, though i know it won't help me in the long run because it's only a matter of time before i'm led down the steps, hands cuffed if front, in short star wars pajamas, latex dog-collar around my neck. it's me or bob becket. but for him it's just another
5:50 pm
day. >> i am not for the perp walk. it makes people look guilty. the perception is wrong. that's not the best thing to say on tv who need something visual but i think it's wrong. >> it makes them look guilty but sexy at the same time. bob, you have been perp walked what? a dozen times? people out there need advice. how do you do a stylish perp walk? >> let me just tell you this. first of all, you need to get comfortable. this is important, because you have to move your hands or hold a soup bowl like this. throw the coats over it but it doesn't do any good. when i was perp walked in the antiwar days and the civil rights movement, they used to squeeze these things hard. they hurt. keep the perp walk but make handcuffs looser to do things, throw signs. do this. do stuff like that. i could do what i would do to bolling. and then -- yeah, that's how i think. >> eric, on a serious note you ought to have the perp walk and start with the wall street people that got us in the
5:51 pm
recession in the first place. eric's friends. >> you're familiar with handcuffs but only in the bedroom. >> stop it there. any surprise that democrats like bloomberg, geithner and charles rangel are against perp walk? who is the most likely to be perp walked? >> not the wall street buddies for sure, who should be perp walked. >> living in new york city, you have to love the perp walk. cover of the "new york post." fun to look at. i agree with bloomberg original, if you don't want to do the walk, don't to the crime? >> what if you're like strauss-kahn and you didn't do the crime. >> looking at the guy. he has probably done stuff in his life. >> i worked in media relations for a long time. often if you have a story that is on the front page of the paper that turns out not be true and there is a correction, it runs four days later. nobody sees the correction. >> that is a good point. fair point. if you are going to run a big picture in guy in cuffs, you have to run a big picture of
5:52 pm
him without the cuffs. >> by the way, i apologize for coughing during your segment but i have a cold. i tried to get these things out. it's really tough to do that with these things. i did it. i pulled it off because i got athletic moves. not easy to do. >> that's what she said. >> coming from you, man, that is great! >> you thought i didn't have it in me. >> even better than the perp walks are the perp walks before you're proven guilty, madoff trying to get back to the. >> let me ask you a question. >> seriously. >> why haven't there been more of the wall street scam artists in the perp walk? >> there is no question there were a lot of things going on. a lot of people should be spending time. the problem is the way the laws are written, they're monetary fines instead of jail time. you have want to really change things on wall street, put them in jail. there are guys making millions and millions of dollars. giving back 20%.
5:53 pm
and then no jail time. >> this is a serious question. in other words, you can't, you only get monetary -- f you don't get jail time? >> ties it up in litigation. but takes raj raj you nail a guy to the wall and he will go away. for every raj, raj, 40 to 50 people caught doing things they shouldn't doing. >> i will say it rests on the prosecution, too. you bet ver a tight case against somebody if you demand a perp walk. a public perp walk. >> i know it's in my future. even doing this segment makes me feel sad. play the segment over and over again while i'm walked away. >> because it has been in my past, let me say to you, you shouldn't worry about this that much. in some cases you can be proud of. i was proud in antiwar movement and civil rights movement. >> coming up, derek jeter goes five for five match. five. what does it mean, by the way?
5:54 pm
the top stories you're talking about on fox nation when the five returns.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
welcome back to "the five" as we keep an eyes on the stories making news on this scandal has been brewing and may include the president's closest advisor sors, including eric holder. the plan to sell and track 2,500 guns to mexican drug cartels. it turns out the a.t.f. succeeded in the selling part of the guns but tracking them
5:58 pm
and arrests drug lords, not so much. the questions remain who knew about fast and furious and should anyone be held accountable for a ridiculous plan? this goes to the peak of the scandal. >> if the video and cor firmation of articles are true based on the 2009 evidence, then holder did know about the program. that is someone who should have his own perp walk. >> what do you expect when you name a mission about a bad vin diesel movie. nothing good can come of it. >> i liked that movie. >> i have been at the white house and you can feel when a story is brewing and when one will go away. this one is not going away. >> first lady, former first lady betty ford died over the weekend. for those of us in the alcoholic community, recovering alcoholic community like myself, she was brave and stood up for people when they were afraid to do itism i'll say good luck.
5:59 pm
god bless you. a wonderful person. >> amen. we all agree. under the category there are no coon denses in life -- coincidences in life. derek jeter broke through the 3,000-hits and making hip the only yankee to do so. did it with a solo shot to the left-field stand but the real story is derek jeter went a perfect 5-5 at the plate. coincidences? me think not. >> later he went 5-5 at the bar. >> the fact he did it to go five for five, that's nice. >> all right. that is it for the five. thank you for watching "the five." don't forget, we want to hear from you. so e-mail us your comments to great show, everybody. bret baier, take it away, my

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